Driving Crash Courses Birmingham


A crash course is a great way to pass your test in a short space of time, and here at DRIVE Birmingham we have everything you need to get you well on the way. Our courses have proven to be a huge success since starting them up, and have seen a large percentage of students passing their practical test first time. These are also great for learners in the run up to their test, to really make sure every aspect of your driving is ready for the roads.


A crash driving course isn’t the ideal solution for everyone, therefore it depends on the learner to an extent – but we are hugely confident in the success rate of our courses. The majority of people have a regular lesson once a week for example, but by learning to drive every day in a short period gives you more familiarity and confidence, therefore gaining skills and awareness quicker.

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Our crash driving courses in Birmingham have been a huge success, gain the skills and expertise you need to get you on the roads in no time!

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